With the Summer weather in full swing, many homeowners will hoping to spend their days relaxing in their garden. Intriguingly, over the past few years Artificial Grass has played a large part in the accessibility of peoples garden as well as how much time they spend in it. This surge in popularity isn’t surprising, while many may been drawn to synthetic grass for aesthetic reasons there are many other boxes it ticks for those looking for the best possible solution to their lawn. Here are 3 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household.

Low Maintenance

With modern living comes busy lifestyles and hectic schedules that make gardening a difficult task to fit in and while the end results may be worth it there are other options that give the same results without the maintenance. An artificial lawn is a great way of ensuring your patch of green stays green and tidy all year long, with minimal effort from you. No mowing, no weeding, no watering just relaxing and enjoying your well deserved weekends without worrying about up-keeping your garden. Giveing you more time to spend on things you want to do as well as decreasing your water and electricity bills. A simple brush every now and then will further ensure the longevity of the lawn and well as, incidentally, cleaning it. This simple maintenance regime is a great factor for families living a busy life.

Child Friendly

3 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household. Making sure your kids stay active is vital to many homeowners, with the growing power of technology exchanging the slide for an iPad it is important your garden is fit and ready for your children at all times. Encouraging them to play outside also means you want a lawn that can withstand the wear and tear. With todays high tech tuft solutions there is no worry of ruining your synthetic lawn. Your kids can play their favourite ball game all day without the grass suffering, a simple brush and clean when needed is all it takes to keep your lawn fit for whatever family life throws at it.

Pet Friendly

Many families across the UK have a four legged member of the family and worry artificial grass won’t suit their canine or feline friend. However, a fake lawn is the ideal grass for them and you. Its durable, which means there will be no holes for you twist your ankle on and no way of your special friend escaping by burrowing under the fence. Its also an added pleasure to know there will be no muddy paw prints when they come inside. Meaning they can enjoy the garden for as long as they want while you have no need to fret about tidying up the mess afterwards. There is no worry about them doing their business either, fake grass is permeable meaning the unwanted liquids will easily drain off and won’t leave a smell. It is also easier to clean than a real lawn and won’t stain or discolour.
Whatever your situation, whether its a busy family home or you want a low maintenance garden artificial grass offers all the solutions and benefits all. These three reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household is only a few of the many ways a fake lawn will improve your garden and life. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of artificial grass, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or pop in for a chat.