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We Are The Landscaper of Choice

At K9, we provide an end-to-end landscaping service, designed to leave you with the best possible results. We pride ourselves ourselves on always putting customer service at the heart of what we do to ensure we meet our client’s requirements every time.

Our team of highly skilled landscaping professionals have over 30 years experience and always strive to exceed your expectations. From the initial concept to final installation, our team will work with you closely to ensure your vision is brought to life.

An unparalleled 4 phase installation system

By testing a range of installation processes and systems, we have developed a method which prolongs the lifespan of the artificial turf once installed. Our 4 phase installation system covers everything from the initial excavation to drainage and the final finishing touches. The materials we use are all carefully selected to ensure your garden has optimum drainage and remains 100% pet friendly.

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Here’s an outline of our process and the ways it benefits your garden.

Base work

We start with a full excavation to ensure your garden is prepared and free of any debris is. Then, 2” x 2” plastic battens are installed around the edges which will hold the turf edges firmly in place once installed. The team then lay crushed rock and grano across the area which act as a solid foundation and, unlike sand, allow liquids to drain through.

K9 Turf Proflow Urethane Backing Artificial Grass

Following the basework, we lay four layers which create an effective drainage system and prevent the build up of bacteria. The layers include two dense gauge woven layers, a 5-pick layer, and a urethane compound coating. Not only does this facilitate drainage and restrict weed growth, it also prevents the bad odours which come from pet urine.

K9 Turf Infill

Our specially designed infil is then spread across the turf. Made from 100% natural materials, K9 Turf zeolite prevents the absorption of pet urine into the grass. It also stops the ammonia found in urine from crystallizing over time and transforming into toxic ammonia pockets.

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

Finally, the team spread a powerful enzyme cleaner across the lawn, which ensures your turf will remain clean and healthy for pets. The cleaner penetrates deep into the turf and removes any organic waste or liquid spills. It also prevents the build up of nasty smells by stopping any urine from building up.

Our system is designed to boost the lifespan of your lawn and ensure you grass remains 100% pet friendly.

Started the UK Company
Almost Three decades ago we started USA company. K9 Turf is now sold all over the world

K9 Turf UK Installs
We have over 1456 K9 Turf Installs to date working from the North West, South East and Greater London
Dealer Network
K9 Turf has a network of authorized dealers to best serve you in your local market. All K9 Turf dealers undergo a strict vetting system followed by full product and installation training to ensure unrivaled service quality

The Landscapers


Robbie Garratt


Robbie founded the company in 2009 with a clear focus on what the company should be about, “to have the knowledge and expertise to guide customers to the most suitable turf for their families needs”, this have been achieved through passionate resourcing of the finest grasses, learning the best techniques and supporting staff and their families along the journey.

T: 01925 575757   M:


Peter Colcombe


Peter joined the team early in 2017 having spent the previous 30 years working in the transport industry, the last 15 being  spent running home delivery services on behalf of  UK furniture suppliers and retailers including Harrods.

Peter has brought with him a customer first philosophy which is proving extremely effective with our loyal clients.

Peter is also our reigning table tennis champion and is rumoured to be prepared to take on all comers, anywhere!!!!!

T: 07843 278264  M:


Jon Smith


Jon has been with the company since 2015 before which he ran his own printing company (K9 Turf being a customer), and in that time has proved that being organised and disciplined leads to a clear path in ensuring that objectives can be met.

Jon has forged strong working relationships with our suppliers ensuring that product developments and lead times can be accurately managed.

Jon has three children, one of whom remains at home which probably explains why his cycle rides are getting longer and he regular wins weight loser of the week on our Friday weigh ins!!!!!!!



Kev Lee

Kev Lee


Harry Salomons


A small list of notable projects to include

•Oxford University, field hockey.
•QPR first artificial turf.
•Real Madrid practice fields.
•Pan American Games hockey fields, Manchester.
•Edinburgh University.
•Manchester United hybrid fields.
•Artificial Grass tennis courts for Wimbledon and David Lloyd Tennis Centers

T: 01925 575757  M:


Andrew Garratt


Andys’ entire career has been spent in groundwork construction, becoming a master technician in 1996, he has worked on projects around the world including spending two years in Hong Kong building the airport and runway.

Andy has developed new techniques and products which have ensured that K9 Turf is laid on top of the most suitable groundwork available today.

Andy has two grown up sons (who are still refusing to leave home, rumour has it that he’s moved house twice but they still find him) who are following in his footsteps and proving that’s in the jeans/genes.

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