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Artificial Grass Bristol, Fake Grass Bristol 4 Phase Dog Install System

What if we told you that you could gallons of water without even sacrificing the health of your lawn? Here, the added benefit will be that your lawn will also maintain its beauty throughout the year. Once you will save water, your water bills will also decrease significantly. With that, there is also no need to use gas-powered tools to trim the overgrown grass. Thankfully, with fake grass, you can have all such conveniences that are mentioned above. One of the prominent manufacturers of synthetic turf is K9 Turf Artificial Grass Bristol because we provide one of the best solutions of fake grass.Artificial Grass Bristol

Why you must Prefer Our 4 Phase Install System If You Live in Bristol

We take pride in the fact that we prepare the highest valued grass that will be quite easy to maintain. We do not use latex because it has been considered toxic to dogs. The dogs are also allergic to the latex backed grass. Therefore, we use polyurethane backed grass that is regarded as 100% pet-friendly. What adds a cherry to the top is our 4-phase install system that works wonders for the pet owners.

The Major Specifications of 4 Phase Install System

Base Work

Our professionals know that the foundation should be solid. A firm groundwork will provide the necessary support to the upper layers. Furthermore, the base materials also help in maintaining the drainage system. To make sure that nothing is left up to chance, we apply the 2×2” plastic batten outside the edges.

Polyurethane ProFlow Backing System

In this stage, we use four different kinds of layers and each helps in providing an absorption rate of 400 percent.

  • One 5 Pick Layer
  • 2 Dense Gauge Woven Layers
  • One Urethane Coating Layer

To gather, these layers soak the wet liquids, and as a result, water along with everything else passes through the surface.

Artificial Grass Bristol

K9 Turf Infill

It is extremely important to immediately wash the dog waste. When left untreated, it will form toxic ammonia pockets that can create respiratory problems in your pets. With the help of our K9 Turf Infill, the surface will hold the gasses for some time. When it will rain, the gasses will be released right after the sodium ion has lost its magnetivity.

K9 Enzyme Cleaner

In order to make sure that the nasty smells are removed, we will use an enzyme cleaner.

One Platform that has Solution for Your Every Problem!

K9 Turf has gained quite a reputation when it comes to the installation of artificial grass Bristol. We have prepared one a kind fake grass that is 100% pet-friendly. This will ensure that the dog is playing in a safe turf, and the chance of infection is zero to none. Considering this and everything else mentioned in the article, it is clear that you must consider fake grass. A one-time investment will benefit you for years to come. For any further information, you can contact us.