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Artificial Grass Cheltenham Fake Grass Cheltenham 4 Phase Dog System

Homeowners all over the world want to build an evergreen garden. Sure, nobody hates the sight of a beautiful looking garden that shines all year long. The bad news is that you cannot have this kind of luxury with natural turf. However, your dream can become a reality with artificial grass Cheltenham offers various manufacturers that are effective in the fake turf business. K9 Turf Artificial Grass Cheltenham is one of the leading creators of synthetic grass. We have been providing our expertise in various areas. One main reason as to why clients have put their trust in us is because of our 4-phase install system.Artificial Grass Cheltenham

Where the Magic Happens!

Solid Groundwork

We have a firm belief that special emphasis should be on base work. After that, we apply the layer of grano and rock in crushed form. It significantly holds the upper layers in place, and as a result, the grass will not lose it origin in the near future. We leave no stone unturned, therefore, we use plastic batten (approximately 2×2”) alongside the edges.

Excellent Drainage System: Polyurethane ProFlow Backing System

Polyurethane works closely in order to deal with all issues surrounding ProFlow backing. It has also been used to hinder the growth of weed that overgrows in the drainage holes. In areas, where it rains most of the time, fake grass also has a monofilament yard that acts as a moisture resistant. No matter what kind of bad weather there is, the grass will remain dry, and most importantly germ-free.

Get Rid of the Toxicants: K9 Turf Infill

Due to this infill, the toxic ammonia gasses will be held for some time. When it will rain, the sodium ion will release it magnetivity. Consequently, you will instantly get rid of the life-threatening bacteria.

The Odour Eliminator

The dog waste can leave a nasty smell behind, which can be quite unbearable. However, the k9 enzyme cleaner will work wonders to eliminate the smell.

Artificial Grass Cheltenham Things to consider

With little maintenance, the grass will stay in shape for longer period of time. This is the reason why our products come with a minimum 15-18 years of warranty.

We use inhibitors that will block the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. As a result, the grass will not become discoloured. This means, there is no need to put a shade to cover the grass.

Get Help Today!

It is understood that artificial grass is one of the safest choices that you will ever make for your dog. The idea that the harmful toxicants will be removed within few moments means that you are secured from any life-threatening diseases. However, if you have not made your mind, then it is right about time to make one. After witnessing the various benefits of synthetic turf, it seems like a risk that will benefit you for years to come.

In case, you are looking for guidance, then our highly skilled team can help you with everything. Call us today for further discussion!