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If you are looking for an artificial grass, no need to look further. K9 Turf offers quality fake grass that will make your lawn look beautiful and appealing. What makes our grass different from the rest is our 4 Phase Install System.

Having a yard is hard as you have to spend plenty of time maintaining it. This gets even more challenging when you have pets. Since it is a demanding task, people don’t have time to take proper care of their lawn. As a result, the most beautiful part of their house turns into a terrible place.

The best solution to have an attractive and pleasant lawn is by installing a fake turf. K9 Turf provides a great opportunity to bring aesthetics to your curb. The artificial grass that we offer is made using durable and strong materials. This is perfect for bearing the heavy traffic foot traffic. If you have pets, with our turf, you won’t have to worry about their safety.

Have a closer look at our installation system.

Best Installation System

We, at K9 Turf, have developed an installation system that will make sure your turf lasts for a long period. This system will improve the absorption rate and drainage system of the turf, so you will not have to spend hours in maintenance.

The 4 phases of the system are as follows:

  • Foundation- the base work of the turf must be solid to handle the daily wear and tear. We use grano and crushed rock to offer a sturdy base that will keep the upper layers intact. This is a great way for improving the drainage system.
  • Backing- we use ProFlow Urethane backing that will increase the absorption rate of the fake grass up to 400%. There are 4 layers that will help keep your yard dry.
  • Infill- the ZeoLite Infill is eco-friendly as it is sourced from natural materials. The infill will hold the bacteria and ammonia in the surface until it rains. The sodium ion in the rainwater will help in cleaning the surface by releasing the toxic materials. It is great for preventing the bacteria from spreading in the turf.
  • Cleaner- the Enzyme cleaner is a safe and efficient cleaner that will eliminate the organic matter. You will no longer have a terrible smell coming your yard.

Thanks to our 4 Phase Install system you can have a clean and fresh grass. There will be no danger to the health of your pets and family.

Why Choose Us?

The market is flooded with artificial grass companies; however, not all of them have a safe and durable fake grass. The best choice is K9 Turf as we are a leading name in the industry. We have many years of experience and helped plenty of customers provide a safe open space. Our experts are skilled and trained to install the system properly. We have a team of well-educated professionals who are here to assist you. Our professionals will be available to help you throughout the process. So, contact our experts and have a space to create new memories.

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