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K9 Turf Artificial Grass in Dewsbury, Fake Grass in Dewsbury

With expertise in developing, supplying and installing synthetic turf, we provide pet friendly artificial grass in Dewsbury. Working with a broad range of clients, from large commercial businesses to homeowners, our team’s expertise spans a range of applications.

Unlike a lot of artificial grass products currently available on the market, K9 Turf is one of the UK’s only 100% pet friendly grass. Scientifically developed and manufactured in the US, K9 Turf has been designed specifically for pets. With a unique drainage system and robust materials, the grass is designed to stand the test of time. It also actively prevents the build up of harmful bacteria and nasty odours.  

Artificial Grass in Dewsbury

Why Choose Artificial Grass in Dewsbury?

Over the past few years, we saw a clear increase in clients requiring pet friendly synthetic turf. This was because increasing amounts of homeowners were experiencing problems with bacteria and bad smells. They had unwittingly had a substandard artificial grass product installed and, in many cases, had to completely remove it.

Pet owners in Dewsbury are also actively seeking out high-quality grass for a number of other reasons too such as:

  • No need to mow, reducing electricity and emissions
  • Reduced water bills
  • Low maintenance
  • It’s versatile and can be used almost anywhere
  • Eliminates muddy puddles and waterlogging
  • Provides a solution for areas where natural grass won’t grow
  • Suitable for use all year round.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass in Dewsbury

When homeowners with pets enquire about artificial grass, we always emphasise the importance of fully understanding the product. Too many artificial grass suppliers falsely claim that their grass is pet friendly which leads to a whole host of issues.

We thoroughly explain the system and demonstrate how K9 Turf is 100% pet friendly. A key reason for this is that it does not contain any latex. Most synthetic turf on the market is backed with latex, which is a porous material. This means that over time, it absorbs excess liquids, such as pet urine, which transforms into harmful bacteria. This is also where those nasty smells come from. Once absorbed, the bacteria and odours are near on impossible to remove.

To stop these common issues, we came up with a solution: K9 Turf. The grass is designed and manufactured in the US using innovative science and technology. We use polyurethane which deflects liquids, stopping pet waste from being absorbed into the grass. This means that liquids are able to drain away, preventing bacteria from forming.

K9 Turf also benefits from our specialist ProwFlow technology. This enhances the drainage capacity by up to 400% which makes it one of the safest, pet friendly products available.

Something else to really consider when investing in artificial grass is to check how it will be installed. Some companies will say it’s ok to install artificial grass on sand or concrete. However, when you have pets these foundations will absorb pet urine like a sponge. Sand also displaces over time, meaning your garden will become patchy and uneven.

Additionally, substandard foundations will not allow for sufficient drainage.

At K9 Turf in Dewsbury, we use an advanced 4-phase installation system which is designed to boost your garden’s lifespan.

Artificial grass installation in Dewsbury

We understand that installing synthetic requires expertise. Hence why we have employed an experienced team which carries out installations to the highest possible standard.

Our system involves four stages as follows:

  1. Base work

Prior to the grass installation, the area is completely excavated. This process involves finding and removing any debris, rocks and checking for roots which could pose a future problem. The team then level the surface and incorporate a slight slant to allow for drainage. A layer of membrane is then applied to stop weeds from growing through the grass over time.

Following this step, the team spread a layer of crushed rock and grano over the surface. We have sourced these materials as they enable excess urine to flow freely through the grass. Next,

solid plastic battens are installed around the area perimeter and secured using concrete. The battens provide further reinforcement and stop any shrinkage once the grass is installed.

  1. K9 Turf Proflow Urethane Backing

Using ProFlow technology to enhance drainage, this technology also prevents any absorption. The backing has four layers made from a monofilament yarn. This repels liquids and effectively prevents bacteria from building over time. Alternative artificial grass products use a perforated backing which prevents drainage and enables pet waste to settle on the turf.

The backing layers include the following:

  • One 5-pick layer
  • Two dense gauge woven layers
  • A coating of urethane compound.

When everything is installed, the team pump air into the turf backing which also improved drainage.

  1. K9 Turf Infill

A layer of organic infill is then spread over the grass to help ensure it maintains its natural look. Our team use K9 Turf Zeolite Infill which is made from organic materials and safe for both pets and the environment.

Infill works as an extra barrier against bacteria and nasty smells. The ingredients act as a form of magnet to absorb excess liquids. This prevents urine from soaking into the turf and transforming into bacteria. Furthermore, it keeps your turf bacteria and odour free.

  1. K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

The team finish the process by cleaning the grass using K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner. This is made using natural enzymes which degrade waste, enabling it to easily rinse away.

The cleaner works by penetrating the surface, through to the foundations. This removes bacteria and leaves the turf completely odour free. The cleaner is also 100% safe for pets and the environment.

This installation system enables us to guarantee the lifespan of artificial grass in Dewsbury for up to 18 years. We offer a warranty with each installation and always endeavour to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

K9 Artificial Grass Servicing in Dewsbury

In addition to artificial grass installations in Dewsbury, we also offer artificial grass servicing plans. The plans are designed to ensure your garden stays in pristine condition. The servicing also takes away the hassle of cleaning your turf as our team will do everything for you.

The plans enable us to further guarantee your garden’s warranty by ensuring it is serviced professionally. This also means that we can find and repair any issues to prevent long term damage.  

The K9 Turf Service Plan in Dewsbury includes the following:

  • Removing any airborne weeds from the surface
  • Checking all the edges and seams
  • Power washing the turf using Enzyme cleaners
  • Removing any pet hair
  • Checking the infill levels and topping up where necessary.

Our servicing plans do not, however, cover general wear and tear or any damage caused by fire or flooding. We do offer a repair service and are able to fix these issues.

Find out more about artificial grass in Dewsbury

If you’re thinking about installing pet friendly artificial grass in Dewsbury, we’d be happy to help. Our team will visit come along to your garden and provide a free consultation to help find a solution to fit your requirements.

If you’d like to find out more, visit our contact page.