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Artificial Grass Newport Fake Grass Newport 4 Phase Dog Install System

The presence of a pet brings joy in the house. Whenever you come home from a rough day, these cute fluffs sure make your day. However, special care and monitoring is a need. This will ensure that the pet is breathing and living in a safe and protected atmosphere. Apart from giving good food and diet, you also have to make sure that the grass they are playing on is also safe form the infections. If you have real grass in the house, then it might become a problem. The reason is that it cannot completely clean the dog waste. Even if you hire external help, you cannot have the satisfaction that the place is totally germ-free. Email us at K9 Turf Artificial Grass Newport.Artificial Grass Newport

Learn why K9 Turf is winning the Crowd in Newport

The market is swamped with various artificial grass products. However, K9 Turf Artificial Grass Newport is regarded as the most trustable venture when it comes to the manufacture and installation of fake grass.

Our 4 Phase Install System

Weather Proof Foundation

Those people, who are tired of dog waste and another type of infectious liquid, can stop worrying. We have prepared the base a mixture of grano and rock. It also prevents the weed from spreading in unusual places. Furthermore, to provide protection against the edges, we use plastic batten. All this ensures that the drainage system works properly even during heavy rainfalls.

Clean and Fresh Grass

In this phase, we use one of a kind absorption system, which keeps the surface dry by keeping the moisture out.

Artificial Grass Newport Clean Minute Traces of Dog Urine

The ammonia pockets can harm the health of your pets. Therefore, you have to use k9 Zeolite infill that will hold it and as a result, it will not spread to places.

Get Rid of the Disease-Causing Bacteria

We make use of non-toxic and eco-friendly products that ensure that the waste is degraded in a natural manner. The pet owners, who will develop a habit of regularly cleaning the surface, will observe that the soil accumulations will also be lessened at a rapid pace.

Note: Our products come with a minimum warranty of 15-18 years. This means that it will not require little to no maintenance. There is no need to trim, mow, or even water the lawn as you would do in case of real grass. You also do not have to take out time to buy fertilizers, as fake grass does not need it in order to kill insects.

One Time Investment!

When switching from natural grass, many people aspire to make their future secure by choosing fake turf. You can also do that, however, do not think that it will require the same effort as that of real grass. Keeping in mind the 4-phase install system it is clear that it will save you time, effort and money. Our team of professionals has the expertise to tackle your every problem. Therefore, for any concern, you can contact us as and when you desire.