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Are you tired of your dog destroying your lawn? As a dog owner, we know that our grass will never stay green unless it is artificial. It is already very difficult to maintain the natural lawn, but with a dog present, it may seem impossible. The correct solution for your problem is artificial grass.

The market of artificial grass is growing quickly. Previously artificial turf was only for the use of sports clubs, but now they are widely used in gardens. If you are looking for artificial grass in Preston, Lawn World is the right choice.

When you buy artificial grass through Lawn World, you are guaranteed that it is a safe lawn. The artificial turf will be able to bear the wear and tear of your dog. It will eradicate any problems that you might have with mud and puddles. Moreover, it is a reasonable way to enjoy a lawn that stays clean and tidy throughout the year.Artificial Grass Preston

Take a look why artificial grass from Lawn World is the best option.

K9 System

K9 turf is an artificial grass that is designed for dogs. The grass uses a K9 4 phase system to install the turf in your lawn. The stages include:

  • Base work
  • Drainage system
  • Infill
  • Enzyme cleaner

In this way, Lawn World makes sure your lawn has a strong base. The proflow Urethane ensures proper drainage system. Furthermore, the infill is produced from natural substances. The enzyme cleaner helps in easy cleaning of the grass.

Great for Pets

It has a flow-through backing, short dense blade structure, and anti-microbial protection. It prevents the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mould. They help in eliminating the odour and makes cleaning up dog waste easy. The synthetic fibres are capable of withstanding heavy duty dog play. Artificial grass is a safe haven for pets and children as it offers a non-slippery surface.


The main aim of the Lawn World is to satisfy their customer of artificial grass in Preston. This is why they offer the best quality products. All of their products are manufactured using high-quality materials. It makes the artificial grass to last longer without getting destroyed.

Easy Maintenance

You won’t have to spend hours on maintaining your lawn. K9 turf is easy to maintain with regular cleaning. When you clean the turf daily, you will be keeping it better smelling.

Artificial Grass Preston Professional Service

For them, customer service is one of their top priorities. They have skilled and experienced professionals who are always ready to help you. In case you have any problem or need advice, their experts are willing to help you. They can visit your home to guide you and explain the installation process to you. Along with this, they will let you know the maintenance requirements.

Lawn World offers you the latest artificial grass solutions that will simplify your life. They provide artificial grass Preston that is better smelling and safer for pets. With K9 turf, you can eradicate mud and increase cleanliness. To get the place that both you and your dog will love, contact Lawn World today.