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Artificial Grass Weston Super Mare, Fake Grass Weston Super Mare 4 Phase Dog Install System

Within few years, the trend of fake grass has gained momentum. There are quite a few reasons for that, and one being the fact that it saves you tons of effort. You will save money and time in the long run. With fake grass, there is no requirement of filling up the lawn with water, and fertilizers for that matter. Therefore, if you also take this decision, it will add comfort to your life. When scouting for companies that are manufacturing fake grass, you might as well have a look at what K9 Turf Artificial Grass Weston Super Mare has to offer.Artificial Grass Weston Super Mare

The 4 Phase Install System

It is a fact that many companies will promise you quality work, but in reality, it will be opposite. Therefore, you must be careful while finalizing the venture. What makes us different from a whole lot is that we use one of a kind 4-phase install system, which ensures the health and safety of everyone at your home, including your pets.


During this installation process, we focus on two main things: Base Work and Drainage System. With a solid base work, the surface will stay in place for long and will never be easily disturbed. For this very reason, we use crushed forms of rock and grano. To secure the edges, we will use an additional 2×2” plastic batten.

The second reason as to why it has been considered eco-friendly is that it has an excellent absorption rate of 400% percent. Consequently, the surface will remain dry even during extreme rainfalls, thanks to the Polyurethane ProFlow Backing System. It will also swiftly deal with dog waste. This also gives you the assurance that the moisture will remain out, and the pet will bring muddy paws inside your home. Overall, the chance of diseases and infections will be minimal.

Artificial Grass Weston Super MarePleasant Odour

Once we lay the K9 Turf Infill, it will make sure that the waste is treated in a natural manner. Initially, it will hold and gasses and releases during raining seasons right after the sodium has lost its magnetivity. Last, but not the least, with our K9 Enzyme Cleaner you can get rid of the nasty odours.

What do we have to Offer?

  1. Experience of 30 years
  2. Safe and Timely installation method
  3. Cost Effective Solution

Lush Green Grass for Long Term

Sure, nobody likes dull and lifeless lawn in their garden. For this particular reason, many people switch from real grass. The kind of convenience fake grass provides is a proof that it will benefit you not just for today, but definitely for longer periods of time. We have been in the business for quite some time, and we have developed expertise in installing various kind of turfs. Therefore, we are here to help with your customized requirements. You just have to inform us what you have in mind and leave rest of the work to us. You should avoid using latex backed grass and install the one made by K9 Turf Artificial Grass Weston Super Mare