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19 Nov 2018

How much is artificial grass?

How much is artificial grass?

This depends on a number of factors from face weight to the materials used in the manufacturing process. When asked ‘how much is artificial grass?’ we tell our clients that it really depends on what they are looking for. Pet owners can expect to pay more as they will require a higher quality turf. However, companies using the grass for events or exhibitions will only require a low faceweight so can expect a cheaper price tag.

In general, the cost of artificial grass varies from £3 to £40 per square metre. As with most things, the higher the price, the higher the quality. So, if you’re looking for artificial grass that will stand the test of time, expect a higher price point. To give you a clearer idea, here is a break down of the various products and price points currently available on the market.

How much is artificial grass for cheaper, less permanent applications?

If you’re planning a trade show or want to use artificial grass for a display, you won’t need to worry about footfall. As the grass is only temporary, it’s not worth investing in a pricy alternative. The cheapest forms of artificial grass are available for around £3 to £10 per square metre. With a low face weight, this grass is not designed to stand the test of time but will look great for a limited period in an indoor display or at an exhibition.

How much is artificial grass for medium quality installations?

Medium quality artificial grass tends to be priced at around £10 to £27 per square metre. It is important to note that this type of synthetic turf is usually made from latex. This means that it is not suitable for pets but can be used outside.

How much is artificial grass for pets?

If you are a pet owner, it is vital that you invest in a pet friendly turf. This is a form of artificial grass that contains no latex and is made from a anti-porous alternative. Unlike latex-backed grass, this higher-quality turf repels liquid, preventing any absorption. Instead of transforming into bacteria or bad smells, the urine drains freely away. This therefore keeps gardens safe and pet friendly with no nasty odours.

For artificial grass of this quality, prices start from approximately £27 and range to around £40. Again, when deciding on the right product for you, remember that with a higher price tag comes a higher quality turf. You won’t have to worry about replacing it and some top of the range products like K9 Turf come with a warranty of up to 18 years.

Is this the only cost?

Remember that when purchasing artificial grass, there are additional costs to consider. If you have never installed it before, we highly recommend that you hire professionals. Although this will cost extra, it will help to ensure that your turf is built to last. An investment that you won’t regret.

Want to learn more?

If you’re still confused about the question ‘how much is artificial grass?’ then get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to help and explain the price points in more detail. Call us on 01925 57575 or visit our contact page.

07 Nov 2018
How do you clean artificial grass

How do you clean artificial grass

How do you clean artificial grass?

Cleaning your artificial grass is something we must all do to keep our lawn looking pristine throughout the year, though don’t worry – it’s nothing compared to getting the lawn mower out. So, how do you clean artificial grass?

Many artificial grass owners have been told that there is no need to clean the lawn, but this isn’t true if you want it to last. Maintaining artificial grass is easy compared to natural grasses, no mower and no nasty grass enhancers. Follow these simple steps to keeping your artificial lawn clean year round.

For a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you give your artificial grass a good hose and brush every few weeks. This removes any dust and debris, keeping the grass looking bright and healthy!

How do you clean artificial grass


Cleaning artificial grass is different for each quality of grass

If you have any pets who like to go potty on the grass, naturally you’re going to have to clean that up. Any droppings should be disposed of as usual, for urine however you’re going to have to treat your lawn in a different way – depending on the quality of your lawn.

When urine hits the cheaper latex backed grass, you going to need to deal with their business right away. When dog wee doesn’t drain away, ammonia pockets can form and create toxic gases. To avoid harm to those around the grass, the grass must be cleaned daily.

With higher quality grasses like K9 Turf, the drainage system ensures it’s pet friendly for dog wee. As the urine simply passes through the fibres and does not stick around to cause harm. The advanced drainage system is non-absorbent, meaning less hassle for you and no harmful chemicals building up in your lawns.

Cleaning artificial grass is different for each quality of grass. The higher the quality, the more it will look after itself. Although keeping your artificial grass in prime condition for longer is something you can help with.

If you wanted to go the extra mile to protecting your lawn and ensuring complete cleanliness, we recommend using our enzyme cleaner. It tackles all toxic chemicals that may have been left behind from your pets. Providing extra protection for your children and pets who regularly use the garden.

Enzyme cleaners not only help to keep your artificial grass looking great, they keep it odourless too. Whether you’re pets or others have done their business on your lawn, it’s the best thing you can use to tackle it.

An enzyme cleaner can be really effective tool

So whether odours have been there for a while or have only just appeared, an enzyme cleaner can be really effective tool to use to get your grass back in good condition.

So if you were wondering how do you clean artificial grass, it really doesn’t take much to maintain a healthy product for many years. A quick hose and brush down will serve it very well indeed, plus if you have pets simply make sure their droppings are taken care of. Simple tasks to care for your lawn can protect your investment and keep that lucious green all year round. 

12 Jul 2018
3 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household. 

3 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household. 

With the Summer weather in full swing, many homeowners will hoping to spend their days relaxing in their garden. Intriguingly, over the past few years Artificial Grass has played a large part in the accessibility of peoples garden as well as how much time they spend in it. This surge in popularity isn’t surprising, while many may been drawn to synthetic grass for aesthetic reasons there are many other boxes it ticks for those looking for the best possible solution to their lawn. Here are 3 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household.

Low Maintenance

With modern living comes busy lifestyles and hectic schedules that make gardening a difficult task to fit in and while the end results may be worth it there are other options that give the same results without the maintenance. An artificial lawn is a great way of ensuring your patch of green stays green and tidy all year long, with minimal effort from you. No mowing, no weeding, no watering just relaxing and enjoying your well deserved weekends without worrying about up-keeping your garden. Giveing you more time to spend on things you want to do as well as decreasing your water and electricity bills. A simple brush every now and then will further ensure the longevity of the lawn and well as, incidentally, cleaning it. This simple maintenance regime is a great factor for families living a busy life.

Child Friendly

3 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household. Making sure your kids stay active is vital to many homeowners, with the growing power of technology exchanging the slide for an iPad it is important your garden is fit and ready for your children at all times. Encouraging them to play outside also means you want a lawn that can withstand the wear and tear. With todays high tech tuft solutions there is no worry of ruining your synthetic lawn. Your kids can play their favourite ball game all day without the grass suffering, a simple brush and clean when needed is all it takes to keep your lawn fit for whatever family life throws at it.

Pet Friendly

Many families across the UK have a four legged member of the family and worry artificial grass won’t suit their canine or feline friend. However, a fake lawn is the ideal grass for them and you. Its durable, which means there will be no holes for you twist your ankle on and no way of your special friend escaping by burrowing under the fence. Its also an added pleasure to know there will be no muddy paw prints when they come inside. Meaning they can enjoy the garden for as long as they want while you have no need to fret about tidying up the mess afterwards. There is no worry about them doing their business either, fake grass is permeable meaning the unwanted liquids will easily drain off and won’t leave a smell. It is also easier to clean than a real lawn and won’t stain or discolour.
Whatever your situation, whether its a busy family home or you want a low maintenance garden artificial grass offers all the solutions and benefits all. These three reasons why artificial grass is perfect for every household is only a few of the many ways a fake lawn will improve your garden and life. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of artificial grass, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or pop in for a chat.
12 Jul 2018
The Number One Reason why Artificial Grass is Adored by Animals

The Number One Reason why Artificial Grass is Adored by Animals

Artificial grass doesn’t just benefit us, our pets and the animals which surround our gardens appreciate it too. It’s vibrant natural look as well as its durability make it perfect for furry friends. Artificial grass provides a perfect space and here’s the number one reason why artificial grass is adored by animals.

It’s safe

Artificial lawns are clean and look very smart play, you can also be assured that no harmful objects or hazards lurk beneath.

Artificial grass is much easier to maintain as you can keep on top of any rubbish that may blow into your garden. This will ensure that our pets as well as local wildlife will be free from harm in our gardens and, as many of us are very animal friendly, this is so important.

Whilst artificial lawns appear cleaner and safer, the technology under the surface is often what matters most. The installation process is therefore a key factor in the drainage process.

Excellent drainage with high quality installations

The Number One Reason why Artificial Grass is Adored by AnimalsOne major concern for dog owners especially, is how the drainage system of artificial grass keeps their gardens safe and clean. Whilst dogs can be prone to weeing on the grass it’s important we know where and how it washed away. Our artificial grass provides an advanced drainage system that ensures the safety of your garden, even after our pets have left something behind.

The backing of our artificial grass has also been scientifically developed to ensure that no urine particles are absorbed. This is imperative, as urine particles can produce bacteria and ammonia gases if they are not washed away correctly. Plus, these toxic chemicals can also be harmful to all nearby the lawn.

Our artificial grass provides your garden with advanced drainage of all liquids to easily pass through the grass.

Chemical free

By installing artificial grass you’ll be ridding yourself of countless tasks around the garden, one of which will be keeping your grass green and free from pests. Grass enhancers and pesticides can be fatal if we get too close, this is a big concern for the surrounding animals and our pets.

With artificial grass you won’t have to worry about using slug-pellets or weed-killer again. This removes any harmful chemicals that you could be sending in the local environment.

The grass enhancers that we use on our gardens can often cause more harm. Without the proper knowledge, we can be adding the incorrect nutrients to our lawns. Plus, if these chemicals wash into the local waterways they can impact our wildlife.

Artificial grass keeps it’s luscious colour all-year-round, without the need to apply harmful chemicals. Not only that but it also reduces the amount of allergens in your garden. Removing the natural grass removes the majority of your gardens pollen. Therefore, reducing the risk of our dogs or cats receiving itches or puffy eyes.

More often than you think do we use chemicals on our gardens that actually cause more harm. If you’d like to learn more about our artificial grass, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or pop in for a chat.

12 Jul 2018
Why Artificial Grass is Great for Families

Why Artificial Grass is Great for Families

Installing artificial grass could be the best decision you make for your family garden. It provides a luscious green for playing on all-year-round, plus it’s safe and pet friendly! Here are five reasons why artificial grass is great for families.

1. It’s Safe and Child Friendly

Providing artificial grass is installed correctly and the best quality is selected, artificial grass will be a very safe environment for your kids. Artificial lawns are very durable and replicate the natural grasses very well. Better yet with artificial grass there are no worries of trip hazards lurking beneath long grass.

Grass and weeds can take on a mind of their own, changing the landscape and disguising sharp edges. Artificial grass ensures your garden is visibly safe, providing secure and study grounding. Therefore artificial grass establishes a very safe environment for all ages.

Grass enhancers, weed killers and fertilsers can be a cause for concern around the family garden. With young children and pets playing, there is the risk of hazardous chemicals and objects. Artificial grass does just fine without any enhancers, removing weeds and worries in your garden.

2. Pet Friendly

Artificial grass provides a safe and gorgeous green for your pets that they will love. Dogs especially enjoy the luscious greens, which are natural looking and feeling. Artificial grass replicates the best qualities of natural lawns, with so many added benefits that your pets will love you for.

It keeps pollen and allergens at bay, so there is far less chance of your pets getting itches or puffy eyes. Creating an even and unharmful space for our pets to explore is all they could ever ask for.

3. It’s Cleaner

Forget those days worrying about muddy footprints and grass stains. Artificial grass provides a natural feeling and looking lawn, that looking smart and keeps clean at all times.

Advanced drainage systems are being implemented into assist with washing away liquids, consequently pet waste has never been easier to clean! Artificial grass makes it simple to clean and rinse away any droppings or wee left behind by our pets. There won’t be any worry of ammonia gasses or bacteria being left by our pets, therefore parents will rest assured knowing that their kids can play safe.

4. Low Maintenance

Less work and more play, keeps parents happy with their artificial grass. With no need to water, mow or fertilise your artificial grass, you can spend more time with the little ones which is most important. Plus have more time for garden projects that you would rather commit your time to.

5. Perfect for Sports

Why Artificial Grass is Great for FamiliesMost importantly, artificial grass provides the perfect setting for play throughout the year. Regardless of bad weather during colder months, artificial lawns suit all sports.

Whether bowls or golf is your game, or a more hard-wearing ball sport, artificial grass is durable to withstand it all. It also provides a perfectly even playing field, causing less arguments on playing field!

This list could go on, artificial grass provides a safe and luscious green for your family throughout the year. It’s no wonder why so many parents are opting to install artificial grass in their gardens, it is great for all families.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of artificial grass, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or pop in for a chat.


12 Jul 2018
Why Quality Matters With Artificial Grass

Why Quality Matters With Artificial Grass

If you’re considering installing artificial grass in your garden, it’s important for you to know how the difference in quality can impact your new lawn. Here are a few reasons why quality matters with artificial grass.


Why Quality Matters With Artificial GrassFor starters you want your new artificial lawn to look good for a very long time. Taking the plunge with artificial grass can seem daunting at first, but once you consider the long-term benefits things start to become clearer. Having an artificial lawn that is going to last you many years in the future means you’ll save a lot on gardening costs. From watering to mowing, seeds and grass enhancers.

There are many benefits to having artificial grass installed, so to get the most out of your investment be sure you make the right decisions early on. Having artificial grass can clearly save you money in the long run, but you need to be sure that it really is going to stand the test of time.

The installation process

One of the most important factors of a long-lasting artificial lawn is the installation process. Accounting for an excellent drainage system, cleanliness and ensuring that the grass will be secure.

Grass must be able to withstand heavy rainfall. Making the transition from a waterlogged garden to artificial grass is a popular move. This is exactly why the it’s imperative to get that installation stage done right.

There is no sense in laying artificial grass over any old soil, the installation process must be done right. A full excavation should take place, ensuring a fully flat area is ready for the foundations. Followed by the laying of crushed rock and grano. Two materials of a non-porous form which do not absorb water or more importantly, pet waste.

Incorrectly laid foundations can cause serious problems for the longevity and safety of artificial lawns. Absorbent materials can retain harmful gases from pet urine. These can be near impossible to clean, which is why a correctly installed foundation is so important. It keeps your lawn well drained and free from any bacteria or toxic ammonia gases.


Another important reason why the installation process is so important is to keep the lawn safely in place. A major benefit of having an artificial lawn is that looks clean and smart all year round. To keep those sharp edges it’s important that your grass will be secure in its place. Plastic battens should be cemented into the perimeter of the lawn and the grass should be affixed onto them. This reinforces the structure of the grass and prevents any movement.

The backing of artificial lawns is another factor that can be overlooked. Artificial grass can come in many variations, from the pile height to how the backing drains liquids. It’s a major area that is well worth your consideration. Supporting the drainage system are four layers, which assist the foundations and keep the lawn clean.

If you want your artificial grass to last, it’s so important that the grass works well with the foundations below. The layers beneath the grass can assist the drainage by up to 400%, again by utilising materials that repel liquids.

Not only do high quality backed grass assist with drainage, they prevent weeds from sprouting. Plus their strength can stop pets from tearing and sport activities from wearing. Once you choose a high quality artificial lawn, you can relax. Simply remembering to give the garden a brush every so often. You can rest assured knowing your garden will stand the test of time.

If you’d like to find out more about our high quality artificial grass, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 to speak to a member of the team.

12 Jul 2018
5 Things to Know About Artificial Grass and Pets

5 Things to Know About Artificial Grass and Pets

Pets are becoming the number one reason to have artificial grass in your garden. Being so durable and easily maintained, it’s no wonder why, but there are a few things to be aware of. Here are 5 things to know about artificial grass and pets.

No more muddy puddles

Artificial grass is popular because of a few main reasons. It provides an evergreen garden, unaffected by the weather, but where does it all go during heavy rainfall? High-quality artificial lawns have built in drainage systems and just like your dogs urine, it all drains away. This is so important for the longevity of your lawn and for safety reasons too.

It’s clean

Our pets can sometimes wee on artificial grass, this can sometimes be expected, but it can be dangerous if improper drainage systems used. Not only can urine cause patchy areas, it can cause bad odours and bacteria to spread too! Our grass is 100% pet friendly and will not absorb the urine others. Our grass is made with using anti-porous polymers that repel the liquid and prevents the pet waste from sinking into the turf. This is something that all pet owners should be aware of when installing artificial grass.

It’s durable

5 Things to Know About Artificial Grass and PetsAnother overlooked area of artificial grass is the installation process and the numerous benefits of it. Not only do they assist with the drainage, they reinforce the stability and durability of the lawn. Fixed securely in place, artificial lawns provide a secure garden for your pets. Fit to measure your garden landscape, you can be sure that no turf will be dug up and no fences will be burrowed under. The design of our grass is specifically for pets and with such tendencies like tearing and chewing in mind. Therefore our grass will withstand they gnawing and scratches that can occur. It’s important to know that your pets will have a safe and secure garden to play in, for their ease of mind and yours.

It looks natural

A lawn that looks and feels natural is exactly what your pets want, without the hassles of an unkempt garden. You can maintain artificial grass much more easily and your pets feel better for it too. Without the need to mow, water or weed your lawn, your pets can play happy in a garden suited to the both of you.

You can tailor pile heights

One important aspect of artificial lawns is the pile height and different lengths that you can chose, something well worth considering. Whilst longer luscious gardens do look stunning, shorter pile heights are easier to clean. Plus they can make the world of difference to a small dog’s life.

Aside from providing a perfect playing field for our furry friends all year round, artificial grasses provide much more benefits. There are numerous aspects that artificial grass can cater to and you have the ability to specify your needs. You really can create the perfect garden which suits the needs of you and your pets, which they will only thank you for.

If you’d like to learn more about artificial grass and pets, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 and a member of the team will be on hand to help.


02 Jun 2018
3 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Clean

3 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Clean

Our gardens should be a very safe place for us, but there are certain hazards which you should not overlook. When our children and pets are out playing amongst the birds and the bees, the safety of our gardens should be considered. Harmful plants, uncomposted waste, toxic grass enhancers are just a few of our gardens risks that we should all be aware of. To help, here’s 3 ways to keep your garden healthy and clean.


1. Toxic Grass Enhancers & Fertilisers

When it comes to keeping weeds and pests out of your garden, make sure your actions don’t cause any harm to yourself or those around you. Whilst slug pellets can ensure a trail-free patio, they can be very dangerous to our little ones or pets if they were to get too close.

Organic fertilisers are a safe option, as they don’t contain any harmful pesticides. Guaranteeing to not to cause harm to ourselves or the environment. Also it is usually a good idea to seek out a soil test from a local environmental agency. Removing the guesswork you will know which nutrients to add and which to avoid.

Chemicals used in fertilisers and garden sprays can make their way into the waterways surrounding your home and can cause harm to the local wildlife. Be sure to be careful where you place your grass enhancers and consider diluting the solution before application.


2. Harmful Plants

3 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and CleanWhen buying plants to bring home, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase. Examine the plants first, checking for unhealthy spots and rotted stems. By inspecting the roots you’ll be able to check to see if that plant is fit for your garden. There is always the risk that unhealthy plants can spread their side effects to other plants around your garden.

You might be wondering what an unhealthy plant looks like. Black spots on roses, stunted growth, discolouring and rotting are all common examples for diseases found amongst plants.


3. Pet Waste

There is one option that establishes a very safe environment in your garden, which diminishes so many hazard. That is to install artificial grass.

Whilst our pets can leave wee and droppings behind, artificial grass makes it incredibly easy to clean. Correctly installed, artificial grass provides an advanced drainage system where no amonica gases are left from dog urine. As well as sophisticated drainage materials that don’t absorb liquids. This makes it so much easier to keep clean, as a simple hose-down or rainshower will leave it sparkling.

Dropping that our pets leave behind are much easier to clean away too, as they are easier to spot!

There you have it, five ways to keep your garden free from harm, so we can play and truly relax. There is one option that establishes a very safe environment in your garden, which diminishes so many hazards, that is to install artificial grass. So take these tips forward for your landscaping ideas. Create a space that is free from harm and clean throughout the year.

Artificial lawns can rid your garden of so many concerns. Fertilisers and grass enhancers are no longer a requirement, plus pollen and other allergens are sent away. Furthermore, artificial grass is much easier to maintain and clean.

If you’d like to find out more about how to keep your garden healthy and clean, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

02 Apr 2018
Is AstroTurf Bad for Dogs

3 Reasons why Dogs Love Artificial Grass

3 Reasons why Dogs Love Artificial Grass

When it comes to artificial grass, the benefits can stretch further than just to please us. K9 Turf is pet friendly and provides a perfect playground for all. Dogs not only appreciate the stunning and natural look of K9 Turf’s artificial grass, they appreciate the feel of it. It’s a safe, clean and well-maintained space for our four-legged friends to play! Let me tell you a few reasons why dogs love artificial grass.3 Reasons why Dogs Love Artificial Grass


Firstly, artificial grass is much cleaner. No more dirty footprints through the house! Our K9 Turf lawns require little maintenance and remain playful all year round. Dogs appreciate gardens that are in great shape all year round and lawns where they don’t have to get their paws muddy.


Secondly, K9 Turf provides the best drainage for your artificial lawn. Designed to allow urine to pass through the surface of the artificial grass. Not only is this much cleaner, but it’s safer too! The drainage system prevents any toxic gases from causing harm to your dog. You should clean away any droppings as usual, but apart from that K9 Turf takes care of itself very well. With nature taking its course, rain showers can help with drainage and keep your lawn looking new and pet-friendly for years to come.


K9 Turf is for dogs and a space specifically for them. One of the main reasons why dogs love artificial grass is because they aren’t bothered by those back garden pests. Fleas and gnats can’t survive on artificial grass, so your dog is guaranteed a garden that is free from concern. And you can be sure nothing unwanted will be brought back into your home.


Furthermore, with artificial grass there is less reason to worry about allergies that your dog may be prone to. Hypoallergenic elements such as pollen (and even grass) can cause harm to your dog. Worrying symptoms can be develop, but with our artificial lawns these are sent away. Less chance of itches or puffy eyes for your furry friend.


Lastly, K9 Turf lasts for many years to come! Offering you excellent value for money and ease of mind. Developed with durable layers, a sleek drainage system and installed by trained professionals. You will be able to rest assured, knowing that your lawn has a design to withstand all weathers and pets. No more concern for a lack of sunlight or if your dog is going to dig up the turf, our lawns are dig-resistant. Of course this also provides you with added security, there is no chance of your dog burrowing it’s way under any fences.


K9 Turf provides a clean and safe environment for your pets to play on all year round. Durable to withstand weathering of all kinds for many years to come. Easily maintained to remain in great condition and looking good too. That’s exactly why dogs love artificial grass and why K9 Turf is the smart choice for your garden. Make the perfect start to creating an ideal space for your canine today.

03 Jan 2018
What Type of Sand Do You Lay Artificial Grass on

Benefits of using Artificial Grass

Whether you’re a gardening buff or a complete novice, the benefits of using artificial grass is becoming more mainstream in domestic gardens. If this is something you aren’t familiar, it’s definitely worth considering as there are plenty of benefits of artificial grass. From ease of upkeep to environmental advantages, we’ve come up with a round-up of what we believe to be the key benefits of artificial grass.

Low maintenance

We’ve all been there – the garden is getting overgrown and you can’t bring yourself to do the monthly mow. That’s where artificial grass comes in with no need for any maintenance once installed. It looks great all year round and there’s no need to top up shaded areas or tend in the summer months as it stays healthy all year round.

Perfect for the family

One of the main benefits of artificial grass is that it it can be used all year round, this makes it ideal for children. It’s soft and more hygienically safe than natural grass as well as being hypoallergenic. This is perfect for people who suffer from hayfever. It’s a great option if you’re tired of tending to those familiar muddy patches and the wear and tear that natural grass suffers.

Benefits of using artificial grass are that it’s pet friendly

Not all artificial grass suppliers provide pet friendly grass. However, all K9’s products are 100% pet friendly. This means you can rest assured that there’ll be no unpleasant smells a few months down the line. Our grass will stay odour free so pets can use the grass as they would normally without you need to worry about cleaning.

Environmentally safe

An important benefit of artificial grass is that it is environmentally safe. 60% of fertiliser goes to waste and contributes to ground pollution, however artificial grass helps to prevent this issue. During dry spells an estimate says that approximately 75% of household water is used to irrigate grass; something you won’t need to worry about with the benefits of using artificial grass.

If you’d like to hear how artificial grass could work in your garden, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.