How do you clean artificial grass

How do you clean artificial grass

How do you clean artificial grass?

Cleaning your artificial grass is something we must all do to keep our lawn looking pristine throughout the year, though don’t worry – it’s nothing compared to getting the lawn mower out. So, how do you clean artificial grass?

Many artificial grass owners have been told that there is no need to clean the lawn, but this isn’t true if you want it to last. Maintaining artificial grass is easy compared to natural grasses, no mower and no nasty grass enhancers. Follow these simple steps to keeping your artificial lawn clean year round.

For a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you give your artificial grass a good hose and brush every few weeks. This removes any dust and debris, keeping the grass looking bright and healthy!

How do you clean artificial grass


Cleaning artificial grass is different for each quality of grass

If you have any pets who like to go potty on the grass, naturally you’re going to have to clean that up. Any droppings should be disposed of as usual, for urine however you’re going to have to treat your lawn in a different way – depending on the quality of your lawn.

When urine hits the cheaper latex backed grass, you going to need to deal with their business right away. When dog wee doesn’t drain away, ammonia pockets can form and create toxic gases. To avoid harm to those around the grass, the grass must be cleaned daily.

With higher quality grasses like K9 Turf, the drainage system ensures it’s pet friendly for dog wee. As the urine simply passes through the fibres and does not stick around to cause harm. The advanced drainage system is non-absorbent, meaning less hassle for you and no harmful chemicals building up in your lawns.

Cleaning artificial grass is different for each quality of grass. The higher the quality, the more it will look after itself. Although keeping your artificial grass in prime condition for longer is something you can help with.

If you wanted to go the extra mile to protecting your lawn and ensuring complete cleanliness, we recommend using our enzyme cleaner. It tackles all toxic chemicals that may have been left behind from your pets. Providing extra protection for your children and pets who regularly use the garden.

Enzyme cleaners not only help to keep your artificial grass looking great, they keep it odourless too. Whether you’re pets or others have done their business on your lawn, it’s the best thing you can use to tackle it.

An enzyme cleaner can be really effective tool

So whether odours have been there for a while or have only just appeared, an enzyme cleaner can be really effective tool to use to get your grass back in good condition.

So if you were wondering how do you clean artificial grass, it really doesn’t take much to maintain a healthy product for many years. A quick hose and brush down will serve it very well indeed, plus if you have pets simply make sure their droppings are taken care of. Simple tasks to care for your lawn can protect your investment and keep that lucious green all year round.