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07 Nov 2018
How do you clean artificial grass

How do you clean artificial grass

How do you clean artificial grass?

Cleaning your artificial grass is something we must all do to keep our lawn looking pristine throughout the year, though don’t worry – it’s nothing compared to getting the lawn mower out. So, how do you clean artificial grass?

Many artificial grass owners have been told that there is no need to clean the lawn, but this isn’t true if you want it to last. Maintaining artificial grass is easy compared to natural grasses, no mower and no nasty grass enhancers. Follow these simple steps to keeping your artificial lawn clean year round.

For a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you give your artificial grass a good hose and brush every few weeks. This removes any dust and debris, keeping the grass looking bright and healthy!

How do you clean artificial grass


Cleaning artificial grass is different for each quality of grass

If you have any pets who like to go potty on the grass, naturally you’re going to have to clean that up. Any droppings should be disposed of as usual, for urine however you’re going to have to treat your lawn in a different way – depending on the quality of your lawn.

When urine hits the cheaper latex backed grass, you going to need to deal with their business right away. When dog wee doesn’t drain away, ammonia pockets can form and create toxic gases. To avoid harm to those around the grass, the grass must be cleaned daily.

With higher quality grasses like K9 Turf, the drainage system ensures it’s pet friendly for dog wee. As the urine simply passes through the fibres and does not stick around to cause harm. The advanced drainage system is non-absorbent, meaning less hassle for you and no harmful chemicals building up in your lawns.

Cleaning artificial grass is different for each quality of grass. The higher the quality, the more it will look after itself. Although keeping your artificial grass in prime condition for longer is something you can help with.

If you wanted to go the extra mile to protecting your lawn and ensuring complete cleanliness, we recommend using our enzyme cleaner. It tackles all toxic chemicals that may have been left behind from your pets. Providing extra protection for your children and pets who regularly use the garden.

Enzyme cleaners not only help to keep your artificial grass looking great, they keep it odourless too. Whether you’re pets or others have done their business on your lawn, it’s the best thing you can use to tackle it.

An enzyme cleaner can be really effective tool

So whether odours have been there for a while or have only just appeared, an enzyme cleaner can be really effective tool to use to get your grass back in good condition.

So if you were wondering how do you clean artificial grass, it really doesn’t take much to maintain a healthy product for many years. A quick hose and brush down will serve it very well indeed, plus if you have pets simply make sure their droppings are taken care of. Simple tasks to care for your lawn can protect your investment and keep that lucious green all year round. 

02 Jun 2018
3 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Clean

3 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Clean

Our gardens should be a very safe place for us, but there are certain hazards which you should not overlook. When our children and pets are out playing amongst the birds and the bees, the safety of our gardens should be considered. Harmful plants, uncomposted waste, toxic grass enhancers are just a few of our gardens risks that we should all be aware of. To help, here’s 3 ways to keep your garden healthy and clean.


1. Toxic Grass Enhancers & Fertilisers

When it comes to keeping weeds and pests out of your garden, make sure your actions don’t cause any harm to yourself or those around you. Whilst slug pellets can ensure a trail-free patio, they can be very dangerous to our little ones or pets if they were to get too close.

Organic fertilisers are a safe option, as they don’t contain any harmful pesticides. Guaranteeing to not to cause harm to ourselves or the environment. Also it is usually a good idea to seek out a soil test from a local environmental agency. Removing the guesswork you will know which nutrients to add and which to avoid.

Chemicals used in fertilisers and garden sprays can make their way into the waterways surrounding your home and can cause harm to the local wildlife. Be sure to be careful where you place your grass enhancers and consider diluting the solution before application.


2. Harmful Plants

3 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and CleanWhen buying plants to bring home, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase. Examine the plants first, checking for unhealthy spots and rotted stems. By inspecting the roots you’ll be able to check to see if that plant is fit for your garden. There is always the risk that unhealthy plants can spread their side effects to other plants around your garden.

You might be wondering what an unhealthy plant looks like. Black spots on roses, stunted growth, discolouring and rotting are all common examples for diseases found amongst plants.


3. Pet Waste

There is one option that establishes a very safe environment in your garden, which diminishes so many hazard. That is to install artificial grass.

Whilst our pets can leave wee and droppings behind, artificial grass makes it incredibly easy to clean. Correctly installed, artificial grass provides an advanced drainage system where no amonica gases are left from dog urine. As well as sophisticated drainage materials that don’t absorb liquids. This makes it so much easier to keep clean, as a simple hose-down or rainshower will leave it sparkling.

Dropping that our pets leave behind are much easier to clean away too, as they are easier to spot!

There you have it, five ways to keep your garden free from harm, so we can play and truly relax. There is one option that establishes a very safe environment in your garden, which diminishes so many hazards, that is to install artificial grass. So take these tips forward for your landscaping ideas. Create a space that is free from harm and clean throughout the year.

Artificial lawns can rid your garden of so many concerns. Fertilisers and grass enhancers are no longer a requirement, plus pollen and other allergens are sent away. Furthermore, artificial grass is much easier to maintain and clean.

If you’d like to find out more about how to keep your garden healthy and clean, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

03 Jan 2018
What Type of Sand Do You Lay Artificial Grass on

Benefits of using Artificial Grass

Whether you’re a gardening buff or a complete novice, the benefits of using artificial grass is becoming more mainstream in domestic gardens. If this is something you aren’t familiar, it’s definitely worth considering as there are plenty of benefits of artificial grass. From ease of upkeep to environmental advantages, we’ve come up with a round-up of what we believe to be the key benefits of artificial grass.

Low maintenance

We’ve all been there – the garden is getting overgrown and you can’t bring yourself to do the monthly mow. That’s where artificial grass comes in with no need for any maintenance once installed. It looks great all year round and there’s no need to top up shaded areas or tend in the summer months as it stays healthy all year round.

Perfect for the family

One of the main benefits of artificial grass is that it it can be used all year round, this makes it ideal for children. It’s soft and more hygienically safe than natural grass as well as being hypoallergenic. This is perfect for people who suffer from hayfever. It’s a great option if you’re tired of tending to those familiar muddy patches and the wear and tear that natural grass suffers.

Benefits of using artificial grass are that it’s pet friendly

Not all artificial grass suppliers provide pet friendly grass. However, all K9’s products are 100% pet friendly. This means you can rest assured that there’ll be no unpleasant smells a few months down the line. Our grass will stay odour free so pets can use the grass as they would normally without you need to worry about cleaning.

Environmentally safe

An important benefit of artificial grass is that it is environmentally safe. 60% of fertiliser goes to waste and contributes to ground pollution, however artificial grass helps to prevent this issue. During dry spells an estimate says that approximately 75% of household water is used to irrigate grass; something you won’t need to worry about with the benefits of using artificial grass.

If you’d like to hear how artificial grass could work in your garden, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.

03 Jan 2018
Can a dog dig up artificial grass

How to Maintain Your Artificial Lawn Over Winter

It’s that time of year again (yes, where does the time go?) where everything seems just a little bit more hectic. There’s never enough time in the day and you tell yourself you’re not going to leave Christmas shopping late ever again! But amongst the mayhem, spare a moment for your best investment – that guy who’s there for you all year round when you need him, artificial lawn over winter your artificial lawn.


You need to look after your artificial lawn over winter. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to be spending a lot of time in your garden during the winter months but it’s probably something your going to look out on. It’s also a great talking point when guests arrive. So we’ve taken a little moment to list out our top tips on how to make your artificial grass look great for winter.


  1. Fairy lights


These can be a great addition whether your looking to wrap them around a tree, line the top of a hedge or put them around your door. They can also add an extra sparkle when placed along a fence.


There’s just something magical about them and these days they can make a big impact on a small budget. Why not use some chicken wire shaped into a snowman or ball with fairy lights wrapped around to make a feature.


  1. Hanging baskets


They are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your garden whilst everything else is looking a bit bare. Again, another cheap solution whilst will compliment the artificial turf. Just be sure to opt for plants that thrive in cold weather.


  1. Snowflakes


There are loads of materials you can use to make handmade snowflakes including wood, plastic and metal. You could also try something different by using recycled materials.


  1. Flowers in pots


Dotted around the lawn, these will help raise the profile of the garden. Whether you opt for vibrant colours or more mutes tones, they will be a feature for anyone looking into your garden.


If you’d like to hear how artificial grass could work in your garden, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.

02 Jan 2018

Why artificial grass looks great in winter

Tired of looking outside at your garden in the winter months and seeing just brown patches of trodden soil where there once was a lush green lawn? What if we were to tell you that you can now have a beautiful, low maintenance lawn that stays just the way you want it all year round? Too good to be true? Well look no further. Here’s a quick run down on why artificial grass looks great in winter.


  1. No herbicides or pesticides involved


Unlike the real thing, artificial turf doesn’t require any dangerous toxic chemicals to keep it looking green. Just think – it’s also a small but great way to help the environment as nasty chemicals can get into the water supply and back into drinking water.


  1. Drainage


Typical gardens will have water form pools above ground making it difficult to enjoy the space. Artificial grass, however, has a drainage system built in to ensure your going to have more fun after it stops raining.


  1. Damage


Walking on a sodden garden will cause damage which can be permanent. Natural grass can take a long time to repair, especially after it’s been used for long periods of time for events or sporting matches.


With artificial grass this is no longer a problem as the fibres won’t be affected and there won’t be any bald patches. Only during frost do you need to be careful with artificial grass as the blades can become delicate.


  1. Colour also makes artificial grass looks great in winter


There’s no doubt that when you look at your garden, you’d rather see a luscious green, perfectly formed turf than a trodden, patchy brown pile of mud.


Natural grass fluctuates in colour and during the winter months, it can look yellow or off-green. Therefore if you want consistency with your grass at for it to remain vibrant then look no further than artificial grass.


If you’d like to hear more on how artificial grass can benefit your garden, we’d love to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.

20 Dec 2017
flowers that thrive in winter

4 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

If you’re thinking of selling your house or just want to improve its value, and improve your curb appeal can play an important role. It’s the first impression potential buyers get and can make a real impact on their decision. To help you get this right, we’ve put together the following round-up of 4 ways to improve your curb appeal.

Use low maintenance plants

If you’re not a green fingered whizz and don’t have the time to tend to your garden every week, then low maintenance plants are a great option. You can still achieve a colourful garden with plants that are easy to look after – they don’t just have to evergreens.

Lavender, Crocuses, Azalea and Jasmine are all easy to take care of and can make a really colourful impact. Here’s a helpful article with plenty of other plant ideas.

Paint your front door

This is a really easy one that can make all the difference. A welcoming door can give a house a facelift and boost its overall curb appeal. Don’t always just opt for safe colours like blacks and blues, people are increasingly using more vibrant colours that can make a real impact. Pinterest is a creat source of inspiration if you’re a little unsure.

improve your curb appeal

Install artificial grass

Throughout the year, natural grass can wear down and look unappealing. It’s hard to keep lawns in optimum shape, especially when you don’t have the time. Once installed, however, artificial grass requires hardly any maintenance and looks healthy and green all year round. This can make a significant difference to your curb appeal and will make your garden really stand out.

If you’re planning to make some changes in your garden and would like to find out more about artificial grass, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.

18 Dec 2017
artificial grass for sports

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Sports

Artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds since it was first invented. Once an abrasive, uncomfortable surface, it’s now a much more realistic turf with softer fibres. Sports teams across the country are installing artificial grass thanks to the benefits it can bring. To give you an idea, here’s a breakdown of the benefits of artificial grass for sports.

Artificial grass for sports – It’s weatherproof

The weather can make a real impact on sports in this country. Games can be rained off and pitches get damaged through waterlogging. However, artificial grass offers a more resilient option, providing an all weather playing field.

This is a key reason for sports teams and schools increasingly opting for it. By installing artificial grass, they remove the risk of cancellations and pitch damage. It’s a particularly popular option in the UK now thanks to the heavy rainfall, meaning teams are no longer reliant on the weather.

Low maintenance

The amount that schools and sports teams pay for pitch maintenance can be astronomical. The resources and manpower that goes into upkeep can take up a sizable part of the budget.

However, by removing the need for such maintenance, once installed, artificial grass costs hardly anything. This makes it an attractive option, particularly for schools and sports teams that have a tight budget.

artificial grass for sports

It’s suitable for playing on

Years ago, when artificial turf was first invented, the fibres were coarse making it unsuitable for sports. However, over decades, artificial grass has vastly improved. Not only does it look much more like its natural counterpart, it’s blades are much softer and less abrasive for players. It also provides a more cushioned foundation, making it more comfortable for players.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of artificial grass for sport then we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.

12 Dec 2017

5 Winter Hacks to Keep Your Garden Looking Great

Frost, snow and and heavy rain can cause gardens to wilt throughout the winter months. Gardens loose their appeal as it’s easy to neglect all the upkeep when it’s bitterly cold outside. However, many a seasoned gardener will know that there are a few simple tricks to prevent this. So, without further ado, here’s our 5 winter hacks to keep your garden looking great.

Curtains for planters

If you have delicate planters at risk from harsh weather conditions then specially designed curtains can be a saviour. You can find them at all major garden centres and DIY shops and they’re easy to install.

Winter vegetables

Cold weather doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up the vegetable patch. On the contrary, there are plenty of vegetables that thrive during winter. Opt for carrots, potatoes and cabbage. Just remember to ensure they have adequate drainage as waterlogging is a big no no. You should also be sure to plant them in open spaces where they can get as much sunlight as possible.

Get a birdhouse

Attracting wildlife into your garden can do wonders for keeping it looking vibrant during winter. Robin Red Breasts and sparrows are lovely to watch and can really enhance the atmosphere. You can find a simple birdhouse in plenty of high street shops and DIY stores – it doesn’t have to be a big investment. Then add some bird food and watch as they flock.

Try artificial grass

Maintaining a natural lawn during winter is an unforgiving task. Waterlogging and frost can cause real damage leaving it looking sparse and patchy. There’s then the small matter of reseeding in spring which is a time consuming task.

To avoid this extra work, why not consider artificial grass? Once installed, your lawn will require minimal maintenance, meaning you can wave goodbye to winter upkeep. Furthermore, the turf stays healthy and green all year, meaning no more dull, unappealing lawns. This can help to keep your garden looking great.

If you’d like to find out more about how artificial grass can benefit your garden, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Call 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.

08 Dec 2017
artificial grass for dogs

4 Simple Ways to Neaten up Your Garden

We all know the feeling when it’s been way too long since the lawn mower saw the light of day. When your garden starts to rock that overgrown look and the thought of tackling it gets worse by the minute. Yes, gardening can be a real pain for some and unfortunately it’s something that gets neglected thanks to busy schedules. However, fear not as there are plenty of simple changes you can make that reduce the amount of upkeep your garden needs. To help, here’s our 4 simple ways to neaten up your garden.

Chipped bark

This is a great way to section off your garden and prevent unsightly weeds from peeping through. Once installed it needs little to no upkeep. You can use it in flower beds to prevent weeds surfacing or simply lay it in a sectioned space to create a seating area.

Gravel is a simple ways to neaten up your garden

If you’re looking for a really low maintenance option then gravel is a great option. It’s available in plenty of colours and textures, meaning you can choose a style that really sets off your garden. Gravel looks particularly good in smaller courtyards where grass doesn’t thrive.

Artificial grass

Like gravel, artificial grass is a super low maintenance option. It’s perfect if you like grass but hate the upkeep. Once installed, you can rest assured that your garden will stay healthy and green all year round. High quality (Link to K9) grass is also suitable for pets meaning your furry friends will get just as much enjoyment!

If you’d like to find out more about how artificial grass can benefit you then we’d love to help. Our team of experts can advise on the best solution for your garden and provide all the advice you need. Give us a call on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.

06 Dec 2017

How to Maintain Artificial Grass

As we’re now fast approaching winter, plenty of people are opting for artificial grass for an all-weather solution. Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic grass stays green and patch free all year round. At K9, we get asked a lot about how to keep the grass looking pristine so, to help, we’ve put together the following guide on how to maintain artificial grass.

Remove any leaves

If you have a lot of trees, keep on top of falling leaves where possible. A quick sweep once or twice a week will keep your lawn looking clear.


To maintain artificial grass, brush regularly

As well as clearing any leaves/debris, it’s good to give your artificial turf a regular sweep. This will keep the blades upright and maintain that natural look. All useful when maintain artificial grass.

Be wary of hot items

Whether you’re a keen BBQer during the summer months or just like a fire now and then, it’s important to keep hot items away from the grass. Falling ash or sparks can melt the blades causing damage. This can be fixed but it’s advised to just prevent it happening in the first place.

Heavy objects

When it’s hot, we all love a good swimming (paddling) pool but the weight can sometimes damage its base. Natural grass can perish whereas artificial grass just needs a good brush. If you can, change the position of the pool or heavy object so it’s not impacting the same area of grass.

At K9, we’re more than happy to provide a clear maintenance plan for you so you can rest assured that your lawn will stay pristine all year round. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass or to find out more about installing your own, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 01925 575757 or visit our contact page.