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Will the sun fade the K9 Turf artificial grass?
No. This is so since the K9 Turf synthetic grass have built-in UV inhibitors mixed in its fiber/yarn resin. This is the difference when you buy those synthetic grass from other companies or other countries which have none UV inhibitors compared with K9 Turf
Which is better – urethane or latex backed grass??
K9 Turf urethane backed grass offers a lot of benefits. Latex absorbs liquid, so it’s vulnerable to more extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures and will retain odours like pet urine. So Latex backed grass is not dog friendly.
How long will K9 Turf last?
The actual life expectancy of K9 Turf is 25 years or more depending on the use. It also has an 18-year warranty.
Do weeds grow through artificial turf?
They do not grow through K9 Turf due to the microscopic drainage holes created by Proflow technology however weeds can grow conventional grasses where drainage holes need to be used.
Will the K9 Turf be warmer compared to the natural grass?
Yes. This is so since, unlike the natural grass, synthetic grass has no cooling effect for evaporation. But it does compensate for other things such as not needing to be mowed, watered, weeded, nourished with chemical applications, muddied, and eased clean up especially for those homeowners with pets. Adding K9 Turf Infill will cool down the grass more
Does artificial grass need maintenance?
Yes, we will advise at the time of installation but typically a monthly brush with a stiff broom, removal of by hand of any small weeds that may have germinated on top of the grass and a monthly treatment with K9 turf cleaner.

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During manufacture thousands of air jets/bubbles are fired at the polyurethane backing as it is passing through the oven, this creates thousands of microscopic holes which creates a patented drainage system that 4 times more than effective than conventional holes.
Unlike wooded battens plastic will deteriorate under climatic conditions.
Infil is essential as it supports the individual fibres and greatly increases the life of the grass, with K9 Turf Zeolite also controls the urine and toxic ammonia.
Best care begins at the point of installation, correct groundwork and infil, afterwards regular brushing, cleaning with K9 turf cleaner and regular top ups of zeolite if needed. Typically a garden of up to 40m2 can be done in one day.

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