How much is artificial grass?

This depends on a number of factors from face weight to the materials used in the manufacturing process. When asked ‘how much is artificial grass?’ we tell our clients that it really depends on what they are looking for. Pet owners can expect to pay more as they will require a higher quality turf. However, companies using the grass for events or exhibitions will only require a low faceweight so can expect a cheaper price tag.

In general, the cost of artificial grass varies from £3 to £40 per square metre. As with most things, the higher the price, the higher the quality. So, if you’re looking for artificial grass that will stand the test of time, expect a higher price point. To give you a clearer idea, here is a break down of the various products and price points currently available on the market.

How much is artificial grass for cheaper, less permanent applications?

If you’re planning a trade show or want to use artificial grass for a display, you won’t need to worry about footfall. As the grass is only temporary, it’s not worth investing in a pricy alternative. The cheapest forms of artificial grass are available for around £3 to £10 per square metre. With a low face weight, this grass is not designed to stand the test of time but will look great for a limited period in an indoor display or at an exhibition.

How much is artificial grass for medium quality installations?

Medium quality artificial grass tends to be priced at around £10 to £27 per square metre. It is important to note that this type of synthetic turf is usually made from latex. This means that it is not suitable for pets but can be used outside.

How much is artificial grass for pets?

If you are a pet owner, it is vital that you invest in a pet friendly turf. This is a form of artificial grass that contains no latex and is made from a anti-porous alternative. Unlike latex-backed grass, this higher-quality turf repels liquid, preventing any absorption. Instead of transforming into bacteria or bad smells, the urine drains freely away. This therefore keeps gardens safe and pet friendly with no nasty odours.

For artificial grass of this quality, prices start from approximately £27 and range to around £40. Again, when deciding on the right product for you, remember that with a higher price tag comes a higher quality turf. You won’t have to worry about replacing it and some top of the range products like K9 Turf come with a warranty of up to 18 years.

Is this the only cost?

Remember that when purchasing artificial grass, there are additional costs to consider. If you have never installed it before, we highly recommend that you hire professionals. Although this will cost extra, it will help to ensure that your turf is built to last. An investment that you won’t regret.

Want to learn more?

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