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West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns is a preferred supplier of K9 Turf in Yorkshire. Covering Leeds, Wakefield and Huddersfield areas. Working across the whole of Yorkshire, the company has built a reputation for quality, value and service.

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West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns

West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns has over 20 years’ industry experience in supplying and installing artificial grass to both commercial and domestic clients. Working across the Yorkshire, the company has built an excellent reputation for quality, value and service.

They supply grass which is suitable for a wide range of applications from small gardens and sports fields to rooftop bars and exhibition stands. A few years ago, it became apparent that there was a problem in the industry. Other suppliers were installing artificial grass which was falsely advertised as pet friendly. This led to a whole host of problems.

West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns therefore wanted to supply a far superior product which would meet the needs of pet owners and really stand the test of time. The team knew that this product  would have to be latex-free and benefit from a much higher than average drainage capacity.

After researching a variety of options, the team found K9 Turf. Our team took a look at their credentials and as a very reputable company, offered them a preferred supplier partnership. We trained them up on our 4-phase installation system to ensure every K9 garden would meet the needs of pet owners. West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns now have the sole rights to K9 turf in their area and are able to supply and install pet friendly gardens that really do stand the test of time.

Pet Friendly Artificial Turf

Manufactured in the US, K9 Turf is a superior form of pet friendly grass. Completely latex free, it is made from anti-porous polymers which deflect liquids. Alternative products on the market were advertised as pet friendly but contain latex and other materials which absorb liquids.

When substandard grass is installed in a garden with pets, urine collects over time and releases toxic ammonia gasses which are harmful to small children and pets. The team at West Yorkshire Grass knew they could not supply this type of grass and when they found K9 Turf, they realised it ticked every box. Benefitting from a polyurethane backing and ProFlow technology, the team knew that this grass could be installed in a pet owner’s garden without any future issues.

To thoroughly protect a garden from the effects of pet waste, the installation process is key. All of our preferred partners use a scientifically developed 4-phase process. Other suppliers are guilty of installing synthetic turf on inadequate foundations such as sand, concrete and soil. Instead, we use a process designed to boost the lifespan of the turf and enhance drainage.

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4-phase installation process

Step One: Base work

The team at West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns will carry out a full excavation of the area before installing the turf. This rids the area of any debris, rocks and roots which could cause future issues. The surface is then leveled and a slight slant is incorporated to allow for drainage.

They then place plastic battens around the perimeter using concrete. The plastic battens reinforce the grass once installed. A thick layer of crushed rock and grano is then spread across  the surface which provides a solid foundation. It also optimises the drainage capacity, enabling excess water to flow away.

Step Two: K9 Turf Rapid Flow Backing

All K9 Turf gardens are installed using Rapid Flow Technology which enhances drainage by up to 400%. This scientifically designed backing does not contain any latex like other products on the market. Made using polyurethane, K9 Turf backing prevents the buildup of bacteria and boosts the lifespan of the turf.

Step Three: K9 Turf Infill

A layer of organic K9 Turf Infill is then spread over the surface of the grass to act as an added barrier against pet urine. This also helps the turf to maintain that all important natural look. The infill we provide is made from eco-friendly materials which cause no harm to pets and the environment.

Step Four: K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

Finally, the team thoroughly clean the turf using an organic enzyme cleaner. This works by penetrating the grass surface and breaking down any excess bacteria. Once the process is complete, any remnants of pet waste is simply washed away leaving the grass clean and safe.

As a a preferred supplier of K9 Artificial Grass,West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns have sole rights to our grass in the Yorkshire area. This provides them with access to our trade prices and enables them to supply 100% pet friendly turf to domestic clients and landscapers.


K9 Turf in Yorkshire


As well as installing K9 Turf, West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns also offer a great range of aftercare services. This help to keep your garden in excellent condition and further enhance the turf’s lifespan.The team also offer an annual servicing plan, which takes any maintenance hassle away completely.

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Service Plan

The service plan can help to guarantee K9 Turf for up to 18 years. This is because it will be professionally cleaned and maintained over time and will enable the team to quickly and effectively diagnose any issues.  

The West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns, K9 Turf Service Plan in Yorkshire includes the following:

  • Checking all the edges and seams
  • Checking the infill levels and topping up where necessary
  • Removing any pet hair
  • Power washing the turf using Enzyme cleaners
  • Removing any airborne weeds from the surface.

This process will keep your artificial lawn in pristine condition and prevent pet urine or bacteria from forming. The only elements that the plan does not cover is wear and tear and damage caused by flooding or fire. However, the team do offer a comprehensive repair service which means any accidental damage can be fixed.

Find out more about K9 Turf artificial grass in Yorkshire

If you would like to install pet friendly artificial grass in Warrington, West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns would be happy to help. Get in touch today and they will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your personal requirements.

If you’d like to find out more, call them on 0800 9174442 or Yorkshire Artificial Grass