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The popularity of artificial grass has risen in recent years. This comes in different textures and shades which can be perfectly fitted into designs that will suit your budget and taste. Artificial grass can also serve as an added decoration in front or even at the back of your house. The following are the proper ways to follow when installing K9 Turf artificial grass:



  Prior to the installation process you need to check the levels of the fens, containing walls and the beds. All of these need to be assessed properly if you wanted to excavate or build this area
 When removing lawn, you can use either a turf cutter or handy shovel.
That particular area needs to be well excavated to about 3” deep however; this still depends on your requirements.
 The 2”x2”plastic batten must be installed efficiently inside base edge 18mm gap. By utilizing exterior crews stake can be fully secured. Avoid using Tanalised timber.
 Edge around your garden must be concreted in and the plastic batten will then be fixed into the concrete.

 The area needs to be covered by 20-40 mm crushed rock about 2” in depth.

  These crushed rocks that you put into the surface should be stable

 The area must then be covered by grano dust about 1” depth in order to obtain level firm surface.
 Now, K9 Turf must be laid out over this.

  K9 Turf should be trimmed carefully and neatly and then set right in place. Roll the turf out and then mark the area which needs to be cut through knife. Fold the urethane backing carefully then cut marked line through sharp knife.
  Seams are required for bonding. Combine the two pieces of turf from the chosen area. On the back of the said turf, cur crib carefully. Repeat procedure using sharp knife

 The turf should be screwed on top of plastic batten at proper intervals with the use of tapper screws. If necessary, trim the excess off using scissor to look better.
 Only Spread dried K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill.

Brush K9 Turf ZeoLite Infill to the pile by using power brush or stiff brush.
 Water Down

Finally, your artificially lawn is completed. You can now experience and enjoy more comfortable, softer and dog safer surface.